Photo by Sheryl Nields


Aimee Mann

May 3
7:30 p.m.
Americana, Indie Pop, Singer-Songwriter

Aimee Mann has only had a few mainstream successes, but her entire range of achievements forms a formidable oeuvre. After her breakthrough with the 1985 hit new-wave single “Voices Carry,” the title song from her band ’Til Tuesday’s debut album, Mann went solo in the ’90s, releasing the acclaimed albums Whatever and I’m with Stupid. In 1999, Mann contributed much of the soundtrack to Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia; the film’s characters sang “Wise Up” in one of its most memorable sequences, and “Save Me” was nominated for an Oscar. Since then, Mann’s mixed things up creatively — 2005’s The Forgotten Arm is a concept album about an alcoholic boxer who’s also a Vietnam vet, and in 2014 she collaborated on a full-length with Ted Leo, The Both. Her latest, Mental Illness, is a sad but comforting outing inspired by the ’70s soft rock of Bread and Dan Fogelberg. Jonathan Coulton opens.