Aimee Mann

Songwriter and pop chanteuse Aimee Mann has had two brushes with mainstream success—an MTV Video Music Award for "Voices Carry" with her former new-wave band, 'Til Tuesday, and an Oscar nomination for "Save Me" from the exceptional (and Mann-dominated) soundtrack to Paul Thomas Anderson's Magnolia—but she's at her best as a record-industry outsider. Her strongest work has come in the third decade of her career, released on her own Super Ego label. Mann's signature is melodic, Bacharach-inspired pop that's more acid-tinged, in both senses of the word, with lyrics that are literate, introspective, and wry. Her three-night run at the Dakota should allow her to delve deeper into her expansive and wonderfully varied catalogue, which includes her latest, Fuckin' Smilers, and also the sublimely druggy Lost in Space, the heartbreaking concept album The Forgotten Arm, and the sharp-edged-but-melancholy Bachelor Number Two. Patches and Gretchen, led by Mann's half-sister, Gretchen Seichrist, will open all three nights.
Mondays-Wednesdays, 7 p.m. Starts: Sept. 13. Continues through Sept. 15, 2010

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