Like kindred spirits and Skin Graft labelmates Arab on Radar and PRE, Aids Wolf craft punk that makes no wave seem quaint. Last year's The Lovvers captured the Montreal-based quartet's two-minute-assault mode well enough, but the band is more inclined to stretch out live. As for clothes, who knows? Maybe their well-documented penchant for undressing is what sparked their newly ended, two-year wait for a visa. Or maybe Aids Wolf's friendship with members of Wolf Eyes and Wolf Parade—coupled with the "We are a fucking cult and will cause you harm and ill will" announcement on their web page—had the Feds thinking: "Werewolves, bent on spreading splinter cell amnesia." Syncrocyclotron and Voyager offer ample support.
Thu., Nov. 29, 9 p.m., 2007

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