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Adam Hunter

Daily from June 19-21
7:30 p.m.
June 21
9:45 p.m.
Daily from June 22-23
7 p.m.
June 22
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Having a fairly common name, comedian Adam Hunter often gets mistaken for other entertainers and athletes. For example, Wikipedia thinks he’s an Australian soap actor. “I had a Wikipedia page,” he explains, “and I tried to update it with all my credits, like Last Comic StandingChelsea Lately; I was on The Tonight Show twice. I used IMDB as a source, but the Wikipedia monitor kept taking it down, saying it wasn’t true.” Hunter sent clips to prove he was a working comedian, to no avail. “It was so frustrating, I just gave up, so now I’m an Australian soap actor. There’s worse things to be, I guess.” People also think he’s the pro wrestler Adam Hunter, who recently was involved in a steroids scandal. “People got mad at me for that, and they always tell him how much they love or hate his jokes.” Onstage these days, Hunter talks about his family. “I write about what I believe in, and just try to get as many laughs as possible.”