Acadia Cafe Moving Party

Well, it looks like Starbucks and Jimmy John's have finally won. Those will be the two businesses left on the corner of Nicollet and Franklin after Acadia Café closes its doors and moves to the West Bank. And though the corporations aren't directly responsible for Acadia's departure (rent most likely became too pricey), it's hard to imagine where the colorful locals of the Stevens neighborhood will go without their versatile gathering spot. Sure, the experimental music was a little too experimental at times, and the theater space was regretfully underused for the most part (except for hosting some Fringe Festival shows), but the beers on tap were always stellar, the enormous Rice Krispies treats were extra marshmallow-y, and the comfy booths were the perfect place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon banging out a paper for school, catching up on email, or enjoying a game of cards with a coffee-swilling regular. The café also had the best spicy black-bean burger in town. This Saturday, patrons of the establishment can hang one last time, taking in flamenco dance and guitar, folk music, performances by ex-members of Buckets and Tap Shoes, and more. Also featured is the interactive art exhibit: People participate by nailing Polaroid pics of themselves, and writing quotes overheard at Acadia, rants on the state of politics, or explanations as to how they know other people on the wall.
Sat., Dec. 29, 3 p.m., 2007

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