Sept. 18
7 p.m.

A sister trio of Yemenite Jewish heritage from southern Israel, A-Wa combine the beguiling, roots-based vocal harmonies of Tair, Tagel, and Liron Haim with incisive electronic dance beats underscored by traces of R&B, hip-hop, rock, jazz, and reggae. Presented as part of the Cedar’s Global Roots Festival, A-Wa (pronounced AY-wah; “yes” in Arabic) arrive after touring with Balkan Beat Box and having a Middle East viral hit with their video of “Habib Galbi” (“Love Of My Heart”), also the title of their debut album. The Haim sisters’ entrancing vocals — wiry, undulating, and highly distinctive — were inspired by centuries-old chanting traditions of Yemeni women, and they’re carried to another dimension by thrilling three-part harmonies. The 21st-century grooves and electronic pings and blips fuel the flame, even as the sisters flirt with fiddle-laced gypsy folk (“Ya Shaifin Al Malih”), reggae (“Lau Ma Al Mahaba”), African juju (“Galbi Haway”), psychedelia, and ’60s girl-group sounds.