'A Very Die Hard Christmas' at BLB


A Very Die Hard Christmas

Every Fri. and Sat. from Nov. 30-Dec. 21
10 p.m.
Every Mon. and Sun. from Dec. 1-2
1 p.m.
Holiday, Theater

It took a few decades before Die Hard was recognized as a holiday classic, but the same is true of A Christmas Story. These days, however, the original Die Hard is probably the most bad-ass entry in the Christmas-film canon. Minnesota friends Josh Carson, Andy Rocco Kraft, Michael Mayket, and Brad Erickson understood this long before many did: Eight years ago they came together to give the story even more yuletide spirit, turning it into a stage show with added cheer. As John McClain, an NYPD cop on vacation in L.A., Carson has fought German terrorists for nearly a decade now, leaving a trail of profanity, blood, and carnage in his wake. Expect big laughs and even some cool cameos, as local celebrities, politicians, and comedians are often invited to play the very important role of Santa Claus.