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A Stocking Full of Awesome VIII: The Knife Before Christmas

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Holiday, Performance Art, Theater

While there are lots of holiday traditions out there, most people would agree that tossing blades is an unusual way to observe the Yuletide. The exception to this rule would be the guys from Danger Committee. Consisting of ace knife thrower Reynaldo (Caleb McEwen) and world-class jugglers Bald Guy and Other One (Mick Lunzer and Jason LeMay), the daring trio will celebrate the season with A Stocking Full of Awesome VIII: The Knife before Christmas. As in previous versions of this popular holiday show, the Danger Committee alternates between comedy and cringe-inducing stunts, creating edge-of-your seat entertainment that will have audiences laughing between gasps. Whether lobbing swords or axes, the trio displays coordination as finely honed as the razor-sharp objects they pitch across the stage. And they do it all with ease, exhibiting the precision and timing needed to seize a sparking stun gun or land a disarming joke.