A Night in the Box

Echoing an intense, deep country blues, A Night in the Box has in a few short years gone from being a spare time project for a group of high-school friends to one of the most unique and soulful bands in the Twin Cities. In 2008, the group released its second studio album via Afternoon Records, Write a Letter. Songs such as "Rich Man's Table" and "The Garden" hint at the band's ability to stomp a hole though the floor with its dirty-water bluegrass and electric bottle-neck growl. But that's just it—the album only hints at the band's energy, when in fact it's A Night in the Box's live act that truly showcases the emotion and youthful enthusiasm that its members have for their songs. With the Minneapolis Henrys, Lucy Michelle & the Velvet Lapelles.
Fri., April 23, 9 p.m., 2010

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