Anne Van Aerschot


A Love Supreme

Daily from Oct. 12-13
8 p.m.
$25; $20 members

Decades ago, when Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker burst onto the international dance scene, a dear, departed friend and I referred to the Belgian choreographer and dancer as “de Tearjerker.” Back then, the works featured screaming women in slips and stiletto heels, raging against... well, whatever. Today, de Keersmaeker is one of the world’s foremost choreographers, as A Love Supreme demonstrates. Created in collaboration with Spanish-born choreographer Salva Sanchis, the piece is a quartet set to John Coltrane’s 1965 album A Love Supreme. Four dancers, their ferocious energy embedded within the articulate choreography, embody one of the recording’s four instruments: Coltrane’s saxophone, McCoy Tyner’s piano, Jimmy Garrison’s bass, and Elvin Jones’ drums. The interplay is at once majestic and magical.