Photo by Sean Daigle


A Giant Dog

July 2
8 p.m.
Indie Rock, Rock

Like their contemporaries Sheer Mag and White Reaper, A Giant Dog pay idiosyncratic homage to ’70s rock. Across their three punnily named albums so far — Fight, Bone, and Pile — the Austin band have consistently shown an affinity for swaggering, boozy T. Rex choogle, with lead vocalist Sabrina Ellis singing of hedonism — which, at least in AGD’s case, is not to be confused with happiness. Joining the roster of the venerable Merge Records seems to have boosted the band’s confidence and sense of freedom, judging by raucous Pile earworms like “Sex & Drugs” and “& Rock & Roll,” and by occasional stylistic departures like the Britt Daniel-assisted acoustic strummer “Get with You and Get High.” The band is gearing up to release their second Merge LP, Toy, produced by singer/guitarist Andrew Cashen and engineered by Loretta Lynn and Cat Power collaborator Stuart Sikes. With Teenage Moods, France Camp, and Bug Fix.