Choreographer Laurie Van Wieren Tim Rummelhoff


9x22 Dance/Lab: The Farewell Show

Jan. 22
7 p.m.
$6-$15 sliding scale

In 2003, Minneapolis dancer/choreographer Laurie Van Wieren—a brilliantly unconventional performer who’s quirky in all the best ways—started 9x22 Dance/Lab. Named for the stage dimensions at BLB, the monthly presentation, which Van Wieren has curated magnanimously and ecumenically over the years, has brought in more than 500 choreographers and 1,500 dancers from around the globe to try out new material. Trusting in the inherent intelligence and benevolence of the Twin Cities dance community and its audiences, Van Wieren set up 9x22 as a conversation between performers and viewers. In her trademark white shirt and black pants, she deftly and disarmingly facilitates discussions about the work, which over the years has varied widely in style and aesthetic. The only limitations? The human imagination... and that tiny stage. Wednesday’s performance marks the end of the series. 7 p.m. doors. Tickets are currently sold out, but the afterparty for well-wishers should spill out into the restaurant following the final show.