Where the Wild Beers Douglas Burman


9th Annual Where the Wild Beers Are MSP

Nov. 5
12-4 p.m.
$20; registration is required
Barhopping, Benefits,Parties,Receptions, Food and Drink

Where the Wild Beers Are isn’t a beer festival, it’s a beer swap. While sour beer has made a somewhat surprising leap into popularity, the event, now in its seventh year, hasn’t lost its way in the hubbub. Instead of pandering to the trends, it celebrates what makes beer great: bringing people together to share and imbibe. Admission entails the contribution of a unique bottle from your own stash, which is rewarded with drink tickets to sample from the rest in a unique, potluck-style beer party. Locals like Schell’s, Fair State, and Indeed are sponsors, so expect their already familiar sours, a variety of rare beers from both coasts, and maybe even a few brews from across the pond. Registration is required; more info can be found at 21+.