888 Fest

In Chinese culture there is a mystical quality associated with the number eight and it is considered extremely lucky—which explains why the Olympics are opening today in Beijing. Speaking of the Olympics, doesn't it seem strange how overly dramatic and really, mostly just boring they are? The 888 Fest at the Hexagon promises to be no such thing. Eight bands on one bill for free: could be the best show (it will certainly be the luckiest) in town Friday what with the Plastic Chord's Beirut-ish cacophony of noise and prog-like arrangements, Economy Team's driving grind, and six other bands to choose from as your new possible favorite or at least "by far the best band here," one of which—Old James—will be playing their last show. Already sounds a lot more exciting and dramatic than the Olympics, doesn't it? It's funny how when you expect something you are let down, and when you expect nothing you are sometimes pleasantly surprised. It's up to you to decide how to entertain yourself, but consider this: Maybe you don't know some of these bands, but who do you know on the U.S. Olympic squad besides Michael Phelps? 'Nuff said. With the Guystorm, Young Brides, Power of Two, more. 21+.
Fri., Aug. 8, 9 p.m., 2008

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