800 Words: The Transmigration of Philip K. Dick

As an ardent lover of my native language, in the clinches more passionate about its written version than when it's spoken, it has been a true conundrum to live through borderline junkie status with the works of Philip K. Dick. His attention to the music of his prose was so slapdash that he churned out multiple novels per year. Yet I remember his character sitting at a desk, unable to recall how he got there, and realizing that nothing is real. I remember underground humans living through dioramas, and a tale of a drug so strong that it made a narc investigate himself. Cranium-busting ideas, in other words. The Workhaus Collective offers up Victoria Stewart's take on Dick's crazy life, with the elemental Luverne Seifert in the title role (and an excellent supporting cast). Just be careful you don't fall into a Martian time-slip.
Thursdays-Saturdays, 8 p.m.; Sundays, 7 p.m. Starts: May 28. Continues through June 7, 2009

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