Maggie Faris St. Paul Photo Co.


6th Annual East Coast Style New Year's Eve Comedy Show

Dec. 31
7 p.m. and 9 p.m.
Comedy, Holiday

If you want to laugh, celebrate, and be home for a reasonable bedtime, Maggie Faris has your back. Faris will once again host her insanely popular East Coast Style Comedy Show at Sisyphus this New Year’s Eve, alongside comedians Julie Bane and Mohtasham Yaqub. Regardless of whether you hit the early show or the “late” show (it’s at nine, so even that is perfect for sleep enthusiasts), you’ll get to experience the full-blown New Year’s hoopla on the East Coast clock. There are also booby prizes, which have become a staple of Maggie Faris comedy blowouts, and you’ll be home in time to relieve your babysitter before the primetime New Year’s Eve rates kick in.