4th Annual Thin Lizzy Tribute Night

According to the American classic rock canon, or at least the radio, Thin Lizzy had approximately two songs, both from their epochal 1976 album Jailbreak: the title track, and "The Boys Are Back in Town". But fans -- Craig Finn, Ted Leo and Mastodon amongst them -- know better. While Kiss and the Nuge hamfistedly fought over who got to complete the hard rock holy trinity with Zeppelin and Sabbath back in the '70s, Thin Lizzy wound up filling the bill by cranking out LP after LP of some of the most whompass rock'n'roll of the decade, fueled by the late bassist/singer Phil Lynott's tragic/romantic lyrics and the double-leviathan guitar attack of Brian Robertson and Scott Gorham. (Not to mention Brian Downey's limber drumming, which gave grateful hip hop producers the classic break from "Johnny the Fox".) For four years now, the Triple Rock's been staging a St. Patrick's Day tribute to Ireland's greatest rock act (sorry, Van and Bono), and if you've ever wondered what "Suicide", "Emerald", "Don't Believe a Word" or any of those other Live and Dangerous highlights would sound like in those friendly confines, here's a chance to find out for free. With Jailbreak.
Tue., March 17, 9 p.m., 2009

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