3rd Annual Twin Cities Musical Chairs Championship

May 19
8 p.m.
$10; cheats cost $25-$250
Benefits,Parties,Receptions, Sports - Participatory, Sports - Spectator
Sitting down isn't typically considered a competitive sport, but it sure is when you're playing musical chairs. This Thursday, DJ Flipstyle will play tunes that may heighten anxiety, because when he stops competitors will frantically try to find a place for their butt. The stakes are incredibly high: Winners will receive plus-one admission to any shows at First Avenue, 7th St. Entry, and the Turf Club they desire for the rest of 2016. For those who would like to up their chances of victory, players can pay for "cheats," which include forcing others to wear goggles, funny hats, or flippers. It's all in good fun, as proceeds from the event benefit Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute, which helps kids with tutoring, workshops, and other activities geared to inspire and educate. For more info, and to sign up to play, visit
PROMOTIONAL EVENT DESCRIPTION Twin Cities Musical Chairs Championship Join us on May 19 at Turf Club in Saint Paul for the most electrifying tournament of 2016! We promise to provide you with a fun filled evening of live music, competitive musical chairs and excitement. All proceeds from the event will support the creative writing and educational programming at the Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute. The more money you raise, the more likely you are to become this years Musical Chairs Champion. Join us for this one-of-a-kind sporting event and fundraiser.