3rd Annual Dave King Take-Over

Daily from Nov. 25-26
10:30 p.m.
Experimental, Jazz

Dave King may not be the hardest-working man in show biz, but he can’t be far off. The Twin Cities-based drummer, composer, and bandleader has a cool baker’s dozen projects going at any given time. He’s a prolific propulsion professor whose versatility stretches from elegant finesse to prodigious swing to avant-garde cubism to metallic thrash. All of his acts — from internationally acclaimed the Bad Plus to local notables Halloween, Alaska — are saturated with a bubbling jazz elixir brewed from both roots and astral odysseys. Such is the case with the two ensembles featured in this back-to-back late-night King incursion: Dave King’s Trucking Company on Friday and Happy Apple on Saturday. The Truckers drive a highway lined with Americana roots and pop landmarks, steered by the tenor saxophone tandem of Brandon Wozniak and Chris Speed, plus guitarist Erik Fratzke and bassist Chris Morrissey. Happy Apple, a trio with Fratzke on bass and saxophonist Michael Lewis, relies on more prominent peaks of rock, funk, and blues, not fusion as much as a reconfiguration in a jazz context.