36th Annual MayDay Parade and Festival

A virtual explosion of color, creativity, and characters, the 36th Annual MayDay Parade and Festival welcomes spring to the cities with a bang. At 1 p.m. the parade of artistic souls will travel along Bloomington Avenue from 25th Street to 34th Street, ending at Powderhorn Park. With the help of a 200-person contingent, including 10-foot tall puppets, dancers, and a live orchestra, a story is told as the parade moves along its course. The Tree of Life Ceremony in the park will cap off the event, offering nearly 50,000 spectators a show welcoming warmer weather and a sense of renewed life. Beating drums will usher the Sun across the lake where the Tree of Life rests. Upon coming ashore, the Sun will awaken life in a colorful display of theater. During the day there will also be music, dancing, poetry, food, and canoe rides for all ages, creating a funky, festive atmosphere. For more info visit www.hobt.org/mayday. (Photo by Choka Nyamdechin)
Sun., May 2, 1-7 p.m., 2010

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