331 Drinking Spelling Bee

Every Sat. from Jan. 4
7 p.m.
Free to watch, $7 to enter
As anyone who has ever sent an email or text while drunk knows, proper grammar, spelling, and coherence go right out the window when buzzed. But unless you are sending something regrettable to a former flame or a judgmental relative, the results are usually good for a laugh the next day. At Trivia Mafia's Drinkin' Spelling Bee, audiences can laugh as folks test their beer-consumed-to-failed-spelling ratio onstage. And if you already know that your skills are pretty good, this is an opportunity to drink for cheap. Not sure how proficient you are? Saturday night is your chance to find out. Just sign up at 6:30 p.m. and pay $6. You'll be given a starter beer to consume before the spelling starts. When it's your turn, spell your word correctly in order to win another beer and a chance to do it again. Should you fail, you are out of the game (although some evenings kicked-out contestants are allowed to drink their way back into the game should other players start to slur and misspell). Be sure to brush up on your SAT-level words, and be prepared spell things in other languages, including Pig Latin. The last person standing (or swaying) wins a $25 tab from the bar. Tonight's event is hosted by Sean McPherson, and will be followed by an EP-release show for the Lost Wheels. 21+. (Image by Greencolander)