30 Percent More Commercial


For one sweet and liberating month, the creative force of Puny Entertainment's 22 madly artistic minds will be unleashed on First Amendment Arts to create art for art's sake rather than for a corporate sponsor. Not that the collective's work for corporate sponsors is bad or bland. In fact, Puny's animators, artists, and designers have created some of the most refreshing and innovative advertisements seen in the past few years. They've animated the iconic, adorable Target dog for Christmas commercials, cups and ads for local java chain Dunn Bros., and animated sequences for the hit Nickelodeon Jr. show Yo Gabba Gabba (which is something like the Teletubbies with ADHD, caffeine pills, and a collective compulsion to sing). But for "30 Percent More Commercial," Puny artists are working for themselves and showing off their nonprofessional work that includes animated mash-ups and what First Amendment calls "secret passions and résumé killers." Résumé killers! Now, that's an endorsement for art if ever there was one.
Aug. 23-Sept. 25, 2008

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