30 Days of Biking: Thursday Ride Series

Every Thu. from April 4-25
6-9 p.m.
Barhopping, Cycling, Sports - Participatory

In honor of April's 30 Days of Biking, the Joyful Riders Club is stepping up their game from hosting monthly beer and bike rides to hosting weekly beer and bike rides. Each week, folks will meet a Surly, hop on their bikes, and then take a trip to a nearby location, circling back to Surly for pint by the fire. This week the crew is heading to Alary's Bar in downtown St. Paul. Next week they'll make their way to the Hennepin History Museum, and the following week they're traveling to Darby's Pub and Grill in the North Loop. These rides are slower-paced, open to all, and average about 10 miles total round trip. Everyone who attends also scores a free beer or non-alcoholic drink from Surly.