Angela Lundberg


30 Days of Biking 2017

Daily from April 1-30
Time Varies
Benefits,Parties,Receptions, Cycling, Family Events, Festivals, Sports - Participatory

This month, thousands of people from all over the world will pledge to ride their bikes each day, be it a commute to work, a casual ride on a trail, or a full-on workout. They’ll be sharing their experiences on Twitter via the #30daysofbiking hashtag. A variety of bike happenings are planned around town, to keep pledges motivated and to make new bike friends. Things kick off is on Saturday, April 1, at the Commons. Riders will meet for the annual group photo, blessing of the bikes, and coffee, followed by a friendly roll to Surly for a free drink and some tunes from Hipshaker DJ Brian Engel. From there, you can check out for cycling events all over the Twin Cities (and the world). The Warming House will be screening bike movies weekly, the Joyful Riders Club will take slow rolls through the city on Thursdays, Farmstead Bike Shop will take weekly rides to a nearby brewery, and Saturday mornings include a sweet pastry ride.