2nd Annual Twin Cities Hip Hop Awards

Last year's inaugural Twin Cities Hip Hop Awards ceremony brought together the diverse and thriving scene we enjoy here, and elicited both celebration and disdain from those very participants. As High Society Ink—a local network of hip-hop artists and various other participants—continues to gain legitimacy as a governing body, this year's show promises to be a little bit more established, a little bit more polished, and maybe even a little bit more dramatic. Aside from a few obvious choices (how can The Undisputed Truth not win best local album?), the categories are fun and controversial, including "best hustler," "best white rappers," and the all-important "most slept on." They're packing the virtual who's who of TC rap into the charming Varsity Theater in Dinkytown, so even if your favorite MC isn't performing tonight (and there's a good chance he/she is), you'll at least get a good chance to give them some dap. 18+.
Sat., Jan. 26, 9 p.m., 2008

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