"2019 McKnight Printmaking Fellowship Exhibition" at Highpoint Center for Printmaking L-R: Justin Quinn, Jenny Schmid


2019 McKnight Printmaking Fellowship Exhibition

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This week, Highpoint is hosting a reception for the McKnight Foundation’s first printmaking fellows, Jenny Schmid and Justin Quinn. The program was established in 2019, and the first recipients were chosen by a jury of prestigious curators, including Portland Art Museum’s Mary Weaver Chapin and Denver Art Museum’s John Lukavic. The two artists received $25,000, and were able to use Highpoint’s printmaking studio, get technical support, and host studio visits. Schmid, a professor at the University of Minnesota, has been continuing her work of combining mythical characters with contemporary situations using intaglio, lithography, and public art performance. Meanwhile, Quinn takes a tactile, almost sculptural approach to his intricate works on paper.