The Toy-Oh-Tah ArtCar Image courtesy event organizers


2018 ArtCar + ArtBike Parade of Minnesota

July 21
6 p.m.
Art, Cycling, Family Events, Festivals

Art Cars and Art Bikes have special powers: They can make you smile while sitting in traffic, they add whimsy when they’re simply parked in your neighborhood, and they’re a unique sight in a sea of Hondas, Fords, and Chevrolets. For the past 24 years, Art Car owners have come together each summer to ride in front of spectators. Head to the Rose Garden this Saturday, or any nearby grassy knoll, as these steel works of art slowly make their way around Lake Harriet. Past years have seen cars decorated with mosaic tiles, lipstick kisses, and toys. Come watch the parade, then spend an evening at the beach or get some ice cream.