The Welcome Shanty Jill Emmer


2018 Art Shanties Project

Every Sat. and Sun. from Jan. 20-Feb. 11
10 a.m.-4 p.m.
Art, Family Events, Festivals

The Art Shanty Projects are really something special. The colorful structures pop on a lake against the white snow, creating a spectacular view that is an art installation all on its own. It gets even better when you take a peek inside each one. There, you’ll discover the wonder, delight, and creativity that go into making these little art houses, as most offer programming led by artists, scientists, and performers. So fill up your thermos with hot cocoa and head on over for some whimsy. Formerly housed on Medicine and White Bear Lakes, the Art Shanties are taking up residence this year in Minneapolis at Lake Harriet. Let’s hope the weather cooperates for a month of DIY art, Minnesota-style. For more info, visit