Sha Cage William Clark


2016 Ivey Awards

Sept. 19
7:30 p.m.
Benefits,Parties,Receptions, Theater

Not only do the Ivey Awards acknowledge the casts, crews, and companies responsible for some of the most noteworthy productions of the past season, it also offers up live performances of scenes and songs from those shows. Unlike competitive award galas, the Iveys emphasize community appreciation, relying on evaluations from both a volunteer committee (tasked with viewing more than 1,000 productions annually) and the general public. The resulting awards reflect an egalitarian ethos indicative of the shared involvement of artist and audience. Equally unique to the Iveys is the unstructured award categories, which — with the notable exception of Lifetime Achievement and Emerging Artist — can differ from year to year. The Iveys’ most distinctive trait, however, might just be the streamlined ceremony, which dispenses with award-show excess in favor of festive energy. This buoyancy should be especially pronounced with Joe Chvala, the charismatic founder of Flying Foot Forum, directing the 12th-annual ceremony. Co-hosted by acclaimed performers Mark Benninghofen and Regina Marie Williams, the Ivey Awards will showcase the vitality of Twin Cities theater community while providing plenty of reasons for carrying on the celebration at an afterparty hosted by Marin.