2010 British Advertising Awards


Remember decades ago, when commercials simply featured a bunch of kids eating cereal and proclaiming that the picky kid liked it? Well, those days are long dead, and the creative British commercials screening at the Walker easily prove it. This year's best of the best include a variety of 30-second stunts, catchy jingles, and pop-culture references to catch your eye (and eventually your dollar). Entrants this year include an epic karaoke party in Trafalgar Square, hamsters playing musical instruments, a Liverpool flash-mob dance performance, and a giant rubber ducky dubbed "Duckzilla." Past seasons have featured work from then-budding directors like Ridley Scott, Alan Parker, and others, so who knows if 2010's green crop will eventually churn out a major cinematic gem. Stop by the Bazinet Garden lobby before or after the screening for some traditional U.K. treats and ales, or stop by 20.21 for some gourmet pub food. If you don't have time for a full screening, visit the Lecture Room to watch some Diploma Award-winning commercials for 10 to 15 minutes for free. $10. Screenings are Thursdays through Sundays, but check online for showtimes.
Dec. 3-Jan. 2, 2010

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