2010-2011 McKnight Artist Fellowships for Photographers

Twenty-first century America is certainly a dreary place, judging from the unflinching examinations of landscape detritus, plastic places, cultural backwashes, and petulant people made by the 2009-10 (exhibited at Franklin Artworks) and 2010-11 (at Midway Contemporary Art) McKnight Artist Fellowship photographers. While Chuck Avery (Midway) provides glimpses into the biases that continue to shape cultural heritage sites, Paul Shambroom (Franklin) shows us parks where missiles and other weaponry are the main attractions, and sexual innuendo and irony are seemingly lost on those cavorting amid the metal phalluses. Meanwhile, Gina Dabrowski's images of machinery embedded in overgrown landfills (Midway) and Lex Thompson's multi-faceted look at Hawaii (Franklin) encapsulate the post-modern experience of natural beauty juxtaposed with the mechanical. Amy Eckert and Karl Raschke are also at Midway; Monica Haller and Carrie Thompson at Franklin. (Photo by Amy Eckert)
June 11-July 24, 2011

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