Roger Watts


110 in the Shade

Every Fri. and Sat. from April 28-May 20
7:30 p.m.
Every Sun. from April 30-May 21
2 p.m.

Lizzie Curry is a hardscrabble Texan struggling to keep her family’s cattle ranch from going under during a drought. Despite her determination, the future is looking dire. Then an alleged rainmaker arrives with promises to produce precipitation for a reasonable price. Thus the stage is set for a lively romance wherein the self-reliant Lizzie finds herself reluctantly drawn to a man who initially seems little more than a charismatic huckster. But nothing is disingenuous about the emotions drawn to the surface, as Lizzie recognizes her long-repressed yearnings and her fears of becoming a lonely Western spinster. Coupling a book by N. Richard Nash (based upon his own play, The Rainmaker) with the musical arrangements of Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones (best known as the collaborative team behind The Fantasticks), 110 in the Shade offers a show with homespun charm that should prove particularly well suited for the inviting TRP stage.