Turn Your Public Sector Know-How Into Big Bucks!

Tired of the 8-to-4:30 grind? Sick of toting your lunch in a brown paper bag? Fed up with the one- to two-percent annual raise your union calls "progress"? Face it: The "value of public service" ain't what it used to be. But LIFE DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY!

Maybe you've helped steer a lucrative government contract to a private company. Or secured a healthy tax break for a large local employer. Or floated a million-dollar public subsidy for a big shiny office tower. It's time to call in the favor! Let your friends at Revolving Door show you how to...

* Land a hot job with your favorite company!

* Score a hefty pay hike!

* Keep the public-private pipeline pumping!

* Serve the same interests!

The beauty of it all is that you'll still work with the same people. You'll just be on the other side of the table--MAKING MORE MONEY!

Take a look at how our patented matchmaking services are paying off RIGHT NOW for some of our current clients. And remember, you don't have to have run a big public agency to find "synergy" with a private employer. Every single contact you have with a private business in your current job is another lead for your next career!



"Win" Wynn

Founder, President, and Former Public Sector Employee


Learn How Revolving Door Can Solve Your Job-Search Dilemma!

"After serving as executive director of the Minneapolis Community Development Agency (MCDA) for four years, I was at the end of my rope with all the petty griping from City Council and the ankle-biting media! We'd put together a really solid $71.7 million deal for RYAN COMPANIES to build a TARGET store downtown. For some reason, the sourpusses got hung up on the numbers--hey, we only needed $53 million in public goodwill to get the deal off the ground! We ultimately got it wired, but I was looking for a more rewarding way to use my talents. That's when I called REVOLVING DOOR! They opened my eyes to opportunities that were right in front of my face! Thanks!"

--REBECCA YANISCH, successfully placed with Ryan Companies
as Vice President for Redevelopment in February
after exiting the MCDA last September

Former Job: Governor, State of Minnesota
Proposed Job: Director of New Stadium Construction, Minnesota Twins

QUALIFICATIONS: As Minnesota's former First Fan, the ex-gube went to bat many a time for a spankin' new, publicly funded baseball stadium, but he always struck out. Arne tried to smoke by a 10-cents-per-pack cig tax to bankroll the dream, but that got snuffed. Frustrated when the bleacher-bum Legislature couldn't get a deal done and sick of batting with the bottom-leaguers, the "Mr. Hustle" of stadium boosterism turned to us for help. Arne should make a fine addition to the pitching staff, serving up PR curve balls with the best of 'em!

"Why Sell Out When You Can Buy In?"

Current Job: Mayor of St. Paul
Proposed Job: Head of Real Estate Development, St. Paul Companies

QUALIFICATIONS: Norm has long been a feisty rooter for the St. Paul Companies. Most recently he's backed the $9-billion insurance company's push to expand their downtown headquarters --a splashy blueprint that would clear out a swath of adjacent urban blight (the Orpheum Theatre, the Seventh Place Apartments, the Coney Island restaurant) and usher in the kind of 21st-century development Norm celebrates! When the city's volunteer Heritage Preservation Commission pooped on the party by deeming the existing buildings historic, can-do Norm canned three of the naysayers in a bold, Friday-morning-massacre move that's already legend around the SPC water cooler! Now that's the kind of hardball attitude you need in business to "shake things up" and "make it happen."

"One Hand Washes the Other!"

Current Job: Mayor of Minneapolis
Proposed Job: Director of Public Subsidy Acquisition, Dayton Hudson Corp., Target Stores Division

QUALIFICATIONS: Sharon, along with her close pal Rebecca Yanisch, has banged the drum loud and long to bring cheaper retail options into downtown Minneapolis. It just made good civic sense to look to the Minneapolis-based Dayton Hudson Corp.'s Target division for a solution. The initial plan called for 14 floors of office space above the new store, but when developer Ryan Companies couldn't find tenants daring enough to carpe diem, those plans withered. The mayor hung tough, stumping hard for a downsized project in which the public stake swelled to 75% of the total project budget! Sharon even helped change the rules when DHC balked at filing the required affirmative action plan with the city. No sweat! And chances are, she can bring several of the city council's more "subsidy friendly" members with her.

"Appearance of Impropriety? Fuhgeddaboudit!"

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