Zogby: Obama, McCain with big leads in New Hampshire

The last Zogby poll numbers are out in advance of tonight's New Hampshire primary, and Barack Obama leads Hillary Clinton by 13 points (John Edwards is even further behind). Some of Hillary's advisors are even starting to wonder about whether it would be worth it to fight on the face of such a defeat. This is interesting to ponder given Eric Black's minimization of the New Hampshire hype.

Zogby shows a less dominating, but still significant advantage for John McCain on the Republican side, with Mitt Romney within striking distance and Mike Huckabee a distant third. This is how the playing field looks for tonight.

I used these numbers because I'm one of those polled by Zogby (not for New Hampshire, obviously, but for national issues). If you've got other numbers, let's see 'em.

Also, it looks like turnout is expected to be huge. Start your countdown and fire up your ulcer medication, the next dozen or so hours could get interesting.

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