Your Candidates and Their Televisions

In case you missed it last month, TV Guide interviewed several top presidential candidates on their TV-watching habits. We have taken their answers and turned them into a quiz just for you! Here goes:

1. John McCain says he loves Prison Break because: a) "As a fellow prisoner, I always dreamed and plotted how I would break out of the Hanoi Hilton." b) "It reminds us what it is like to be held captive against our will. I have experienced that." c) "In Vietnam, where I bravely served and was held captive as a POW for several years, it was like that too."

2. Among Hillary Clinton's stated favorite shows is: a) Frasier b) Weeds c) Dancing with the Stars

3. John Edwards' admitted TV-watching guilty pleasure is: a) cracked-out whores resisting the handcuffs on Cops b) Fred Thompson starring in Law and Order c) those insurance commercials with "that hilarious duck"

4. One of Barack Obama's all-time favorite shows is: a) The Wire b) M*A*S*H c) these are his two all-time favorite shows

5. Dennis Kucinich had this to say about being the repeated butt of late night jokes: a) "It's hilarious. I take what I do seriously, but I don't take myself seriously." b) "The funny thing is, the alien looked a lot like Jay Leno." c) "Just because I'm short doesn't mean I shouldn't have a right to run things. Jon Stewart, David Letterman--those guys should understand where I'm coming from."

6. Fred Thompson's favorite TV show is: a) Geraldo Rivera at Large b) Charles in Charge c) SportsCenter

7. Mitt Romney says he's into Lost because: a) "Matthew Fox brings to mind myself as a younger man." b) "The sheer implausibility of the plot reminds me a great deal of my own faith." c) It has "a very captivating plot, and if you live a busy life, escape is always welcome."

Submit your answers in the comments. Winner announced sometime tomorrow and will receive a lovely prize. No fair cheating.

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