So the other day, Baseball Prospectus, in their infinite (if obtuse) wisdom, calculated that "while the Twins have earned all the wins they have, the Chicago White Sox entered Wednesday playing 7.4 wins over their head." Don't ask me to explain how they figured this out; it's got something to do with adjusting a team's win projection in accordance to the overall pitching performance of their opponents (in other words, the Sox have been facing weaker-than-average pitching so far. I think). In any case, BP ended the article by noting that, if the White Sox's record really does sink down to realistic levels (which is a big if), then "the Twins will be ready to pounce."

Looks like the Twins didn't get that memo.

Because the Twins have an affinity for losing to terrible teams, then turning around and clobbering decent ones, I hesitate to think that the Giants series should've been a gimme--but seriously, come on. They're missing their veteran lumberjack. They're in full-rebuilding mode. They'd lost 14 of their last 17 games. And the scariest part? Last night, the Twins actually--finally!--gave their starter some huge early run support; it was the second-best bullpen in baseball that lost the game.

Or was it? Losing Abernathy to the DL and having Glenn Williams at the hot corner hasn't helped out the Twins defense, especially since it moved Cuddy to second. Going into the Giants series, the Twins were number one in the majors in Defensive Efficiency. Three games (and two losses) later, they're fourth in the American League, behind the Indians, the Mariners, and (guess who....) the freakin' White Sox. Just how bad is it? I read this... and was relieved. (But just a little bit...)

Ugh. To take your mind off the last couple days, go over to Retrosheet.org and check out this awesome Hidden Ball Trick list. The best part: White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen, back when he was a Sock himself, got pegged by the ol' hidden ball twice... in the same season. Now that's small-ball at its best.

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