Wolves' chance at title "a billion to one"

Read USA Today much? Me neither. But I happened upon a copy today, and duly checked out the NBA season preview special section. Any guess where the Wolves ranked?

Correct. Thirtieth of 30 teams. OK, fine. But the paper also ranked the Wolves as a billion-to-one longshot to win the NBA championship this year. I mean, c'mon. A billion to one? Think about it: If you took all those zeros, you could walk them to the moon and back 73 times. The next-least-regarded team, the 76ers, came in at 25,000 to one. All's I'm saying is, this seems a bit extreme.

From the not-making-my-case-any-easier department: Randy Foye's knee injury is looking more serious. The team announced today that he'll be out indefinitely.

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