Wild sold

KSTP is reporting that the Wild have been sold, and the news conference is streaming live from their site right now. Sources tell me that a very limited number of people even in the organization -- less than 10 -- knew this was happening until late last night.

The story breaking in this manner indicates that the timing of the leak is a decision from the very top.

Craig Leipold, former owner of the Nashville Predators, is the new owner, and has told told insiders that there will be no staffing changes and no organizational changes.

UPDATE, 12:56: It's unclear at this point whether Leipold just bought majority owner Bob Naegele's share, or if the whole former ownership group is out. I'm hearing it's the latter, but that's just speculation. I have to head over to 107.1 to do a radio interview, but I'll update this post as I hear more.

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