Why the Vikings must obtain Brett Favre

Why the Vikings must obtain Brett Favre

Here's what I'm thinking: The Vikings land Favre. After a shaky preseason for Tarvaris, Childress gives the Grizzled One the nod in the Monday Night opener in Green Bay. Favre completes 10-32 with no touchdowns and four interceptions as the team gets hammered, say by 27-3.

Favre gets a second chance in week 2 against the Colts. He completes 12-37, connecting on a shovel-pass to Adrian Peterson for a TD. He throws five INTs, loses two fumbles, and staggers off the field late in the fourth quarter with a mild concussion after holding onto the ball for too long as his receivers fail to get open downfield. I'm envisioning a final tally of something like 38-10.

So the Vikings go back to Tarvaris, who, as the weeks progress, displays ample proficiency with the hand-off to remain in the starter's role. And we fast-forward to week 10: As the Packers visit the Metrodome, NFL Films captures the iconic image of Favre, slump-shouldered on the sidelines, his deadened eyes staring into the middle distance, a purple cap affixed firmly to his head.

In such a circumstance, it doesn't matter who wins the game. It doesn't matter whether the Vikings make the playoffs. It doesn't matter whether we get a decent head coach or a decent quarterback sometime in the next few years. What matters is that Brett Favre's 16-year bond with his most loyal Wisconsin fans will be irredeemably shattered. And all for a final, needless season backing up Tarvaris Jackson.

Please, whoever is in charge of such things: Make it so.

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