Why not Hillary? A new case for Clinton as VP

The pick could be announced any moment now. It probably won't be Hillary Clinton. And for a long time, I was convinced that it shouldn't be.

Yet here's a new argument for why Hillary might just be the best VP candidate. The McCain camp have shown their hand, and it's a conservative hand. The primary worry about Clinton was that she'd fire up the Republican base in a way that McCain alone could not -- but that seems to be happening anyway.

Also, some worried that Hillary as veep would create a huge money bomb for McCain -- but now, the fundraising argument is undermined by timing:

Clinton's presence may be able to gin up Republican fundraising...except, because they are taking public financing, the McCain campaign will have precisely one week to both collect AND spend that money. In short, absent some increase in RNC money and possibly 527 money, for the most part McCain's advantage here would be completely neutralized by the clock. If Hillary had been the VP nominee all summer long the Republicans would be dining out on this--but now they simply would not have enough time to do it.

Of course, Hillary turned off a good deal of Obama's liberal base by going so negative during the course of the campaign, so there could be backlash from that circle.

All items to consider for Barack Obama. Perhaps Kathleen Sebelius captures most of the advantage of Hillary with none of the baggage. But this is one of the more intriguing takes on the potential choice that I've read lately.

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