Who loves the sun?

Who loves the sun?

Read my City Pages story about the Owls (click above for larger image), including a photo gallery, mp3s, and a podcast. (The wonderful cover illustration, below, is by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher, from a photo by Nick Vlcek, who took all the Owls pictures.) Then check out these links related to the band, which performs a CD release party at the Cedar in Minneapolis on Thursday, with openers Elk:

Who loves the sun?

(click for larger image)

The Owls

The Owls MySpace

previous City Pages profile of the Owls

MPR profile of the Owls

Maria May interview

Who loves the sun?

The Hang Ups

The Hang Ups MySpace


Magic Marker Records

Deep Pool

Stephanie Says

Stephanie Says MySpace

Owls release show photos

Who loves the sun?

Hello, I must be going

Ten years ago I walked off the job at a nearby factory and walked over to City Pages, to Will Hermes's office. I didn't start here right away, but I knew this was where I wanted to be. Now it's my last week, and I can't even begin to list all the people and memories that made this such an amazing place. I'm not entirely out of here: Graciously, City Pages will continue hosting this blog, complicatedfun.com.

But as of Thursday (my 38th birthday), I'll have emptied my desk and stepped on a plane for Las Vegas, using a trip I won at the holiday party in January. If you need the excuse, stop by for a drink at Jager next Thursday (November 15) during happy hour. Thanks for the only job I ever looked forward to in the morning when I woke up.

Pete ("petescholtes" "at" "g-mail" "dot" "com")

Who loves the sun?

Recently posted elsewhere:

Out on a Limb: Before the Owls could take on the pop world, they had to face stage fright, shyness, and each other (City Pages 11/7/07), with more here, here, and here, Slide show: Bruce Springsteen at the Xcel (citypages.com 11/5/07), Minneapolis Cable Access: We're Not Worthy? (Culture to Go 11/5/07), The MMAs move to March (Culture to Go 10/26/07), Benefit for a rapper who broke his face (Culture to Go 10/16/07), previous roundup.

Who loves the sun?

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