What your candidate reveals about your sex life

In addition to a stunning portrait of Tiffany Fallon as Wonder Woman (the outfit is quite literally painted on), the new issue of Playboy

features a survey

that offers a lurid glimpse into what your choice in presidential candidates says about your innermost sexual desires. Let's read it for the articles after the jump ...

The survey of 900 adults features plenty of evidence that Democrats are more fun in bed than Republicans, but I was most interested in the breakdown as it relates to presidential candidates. Among the findings:

-- 25% of Obama supporters say the sexiest part of the female body is the butt, compared to 14% of Giuliani's and 11% of Clinton's supporters.

-- 70% of married Hillary backers say they would probably or definitely not break their vows, compared to 56 percent of supporters for the thrice-married Giuliani.

-- 14% of Thompson supporters and 12% of Obama supporters claim to have sex "almost every day" compared to 5% of Giuliani and Clinton voters.

And consider the implications of this data table, which asks respondents to identify which presidential candidate is most likely to talk dirty in bed:

None of them - 37.0%

Hillary Clinton - 19.8%

Rudy Giuliani - 16.5%

Barack Obama - 7.6%

Fred Thompson - 4.4%

John Edwards - 4.0%

Mitt Romney - 2.9%

John McCain - 2.4%

Dennis Kucinich - 1.7%

Joe Biden - 1.0%

Mike Huckabee - 1.0%

Chris Dodd - 0.9%

Ron Paul - 0.5%

Bill Richardson - 0.3%

The mind boggles at what some of these candidates would actually sound like if they tried to talk dirty (Giuliani exploring the erotic possibilities of 9/11 ... Barack Obama talking about "the audacity of that badonkadonk" ... Kucinich saying, "Pick me up! Pick me up!"). Please add your own ideas in the comment section of this post; the one that makes the newsroom laugh hardest will get a suitably sexy prize sent to us by one of our classy back-of-the-book advertisers.

Also, please to enjoy the first dance of these newlyweds, who are clearly Obama supporters:

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