What Else Can You Say But "Wow?"

By Stephen Litel

Honestly, what do you say after a game like that? I could speak on the fact that Minnesota blew a 25 point lead, the worst blown game in franchise history. Maybe I could speak on the antics of players sitting on the bench, showing that they do not care or have any ownership in any of the embarrassment on the court. What about a plea to Glen Taylor to fire Kevin McHale?

There seems to be no point in any of that. That has been written by countless writers for three years now.

After the meltdown was complete, I made my way to the Timberwolves locker room, yet could not find myself to join the media throng surrounding the players who actually stuck around to answer questions. As Mike James, Randy Foye, Craig Smith, Mark Madsen, and Kevin Garnett each took their turns in front of the microphones, I hung back, knowing what was being said.

Comments such as "We beat ourselves in this game" or "We are still searching for a consistent effort" might as well be copied and pasted into all articles written about this game in March from articles which were written in November. The same problems, the same outcome and the same quotations.

As media members finished probing Kevin Garnett and began to file out of the locker room, I remained in my spot. I watched the franchise take a moment to himself, staring at the floor while contemplating the events that had just occurred. Surely, there was a part of him wondering why Glen Taylor enjoys watching his talent wasted on teammates who either are not talented enough or have the talent, but not the heart.

As someone allowed an opportunity to watch this team as an "insider," Garnett would much rather have teammates who play with heart then players who are the most talented in the NBA. Certainly, teams do not win without talent, as Sid preaches from Mt. Hartman, but give me players who bust their asses every single night and I'll get you more wins then this team will eventually end up with.

I'll take a roster full of Mark Madsen's, Anderson Varejao's, Raja Bell's, Kevin Ollie's, Etan Thomas', Mike Wilks' and the tragically injured Jorge Garbajosa any day.

By Stephen Litel [email protected]

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