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Welcome, New Orleanians

ReBirth Brass Band's Derek Shezbie onstage with fans at the Cabooze on Saturday, Sept. 10, 2005. Shezbie spent four days trapped in his New Orleans apartment building.

Words can barely express the feelings that linger, but here's my brief review (at Culture to Go) of Saturday's ReBirth Brass Band bash at the Cabooze.

At least 20 evacuees showed up, according to the club, and many could be seen in front of the stage singing perfect call and response with the band. ReBirth rapped 50 Cent's "In Da Club" and declared that "the Saint's are going to the f*$#ing superbowl." I'll be posting more survivor stories from ReBirth band members, and an interview with my friend Machelle in the coming days.

ADDED MONDAY EVENING: Here's Riemenschneider's well-put review and pre-show interview (though that's Shamar Allen, not Derek Shezbie, quoted from the stage about losing everything he had--I think I can take the blame for the confusion, because I misidentified him in conversation).

"Jazz Musicians Ask If Their Scene Will Survive" (New York Times Sept. 8)

Jack Brass Band's sweat-soaked Mike Olander passes the bucket for hurricane relief.

Previous posts about the New Orleans disaster on this blog:

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Wed., Aug. 31: More scenes from Lake New Orleans (links and photos)

Thu., Sept. 1: New Orleans is gone. Please help New Orleanians (more links plus updates from friends)

Wed., Sept. 7: Baby let me hold your hand: a month of benefit shows (schedule and archive of Minnesota benefit concerts)

Wed., Sept. 7: I get up early, early in the morning... (looking back on 10 awful days)

Fri., Sept. 9: "Yes We Can" (notes of hope from a traumatized city)

Mon., Sept. 12: New Birth buries Katrina; ReBirth Rocks the Cabooze (review of ReBirth Brass Band show)

ADDED MONDAY NIGHT: From the department of unrelated good news: Garrison Keillor threatens lawsuit against MNSpeak.com over "Prairie Ho Companion" T-Shirts

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