Was "pitbull with lipstick" line scripted?

The line of the night for Sarah Palin was, “You know the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? Lipstick.” It seemed to be a spontaneous reaction to seeing the "hockey moms for Palin" signs in the audience, lending spontaneity to what was otherwise a scripted speech provided by the Bush administration. But now I'm wondering if that line was indeed scripted, since it turns out those hockey mom signs were planted:

Those home made looking signs...aren't really home made. McCain staffers have been handing them out to the crowd on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

Also, someone should tell Palin that the "lipstick on a bulldog" analogy is usually not a compliment:

"Slapping a graphical user interface onto a legacy system has been compared with putting lipstick on a bulldog. It doesn't look good from a distance-and it looks even worse up close."

"In a lot of organizations, change is like putting lipstick on a bulldog. There's a tremendous amount of effort involved, and most times all you get is some cosmetics—and an angry bulldog."

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