Vote for Boogey

Vote for Boogey

Derek Boogaard has been called many things: enforcer, tough guy, and goon. One thing he has not been called is "NHL All-Star."

But there is a movement afoot on the Internet to change that. At Vote 4 Boogey you will find everything you need to help elect the Wild's 6' 7" 270 lbs. forward.

Among other things, you can buy a snazzy "Vote 4 Boogey" t-shirt with the campaign platform: Respect. Courage. Justice.

Here is the website's explanation for why Boogey deserves an All-Star nod:

These are the virtues the Enforcer values and they are ensured through intimidation. While the 6'7" 270 lbs forward waits on the bench for much of the game, his presence keeps the game honest and boosts his teammates' morale. He takes pride in his non-pugilistic abilities, but when he takes the ice—everyone in the arena takes notice because the guilty will be confronted. And they will be held responsible.

Of course, faithful readers of City Pages are already well familiar with the many admirable qualities of the Boogeyman.

In The Boogeyman Drops the Gloves, I told the story of how an outsized boy who loved hockey found a way to play it professionally through toughness, endurance, and skull-shattering fists.

In The Boogeyman Unfiltered, Boogaard talked about what it was like to break Todd Fedoruk's face.

In Anatomy of a Hockey Fight, City Pages art director Nick Vlcek captured a blow by blow, frame by frame view of the Boogaard doing his handiwork in a marathon bout.

And in The Boogeyman's Greatest Hits (And One Miss), we compiled a collection of YouTube clips of Boogaard's best scraps. My personal favorite is the aforementioned Fedoruk facial reconstruction which you can see here:

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