'Voices of Iraq': So did any antiwar protester see the film?





Stop �Voices of Iraq� - Neoconservative, Pro-war Propaganda (leafletting & phone-in)

Friday 10/29 & Saturday 10/30 @ 6:30 to 7:15 @ Lagoon Theater, 1320 Lagoon Ave, uptown Mpls.
This new film has been advertised to progressive and liberal audiences, premiering at the Riverview yesterday, and starting it's run at the Lagoon Theater today. Click here for info. The makers of the film have edited 450 hours of candid interviews with Iraqis down to 1 hour and 20 minutes, carefully selecting clips that might convince us that the Iraqi people want and need a continuing US military occupation. Their goal is to plant seeds of doubt in our minds, that maybe the the occupation can help Iraq achieve democracy. But we're not fooled - it is clear that the Iraqi people oppose a foreign military occupation, as would the people of any nation. True democracy and freedom can not be established in a country where the occupier is establishing permanent military bases, where there are endless military checkpoints, where a puppet government privatizes (steals) the national assets, and where anyone could be picked up off the street and be tortured and humiliated in prisons such as Abu Ghraib. We plan to picket and leaflet at the Lagoon Theater to continue to expose this film and its source. Please join us there. Please also call the Lagoon Theater at 612-825-6006 to protest their showing of this film. Sponsored by AWC.

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