Urban Assault Ride: bike for hours and then drink Fat Tire

Sharon Cutler is your normal PR lady. She hypes up her events and makes them sound like the most interesting and popular things going on. If you miss them you miss out on life. But the event she’s hyping this Sunday could actually live up to her grand proclamations. It involves a bicycle race through downtown. And it culminates with a party that includes free beer from New Belgium Brewing, makers of Fat Tire, Blue Paddle and this amazing commercial scored by Devendra Banhart.(after the jump)

The race on Sunday is family friendly and involves a scavenger hunt across the city. “When the start gun goes off people take off in every direction. When they reach a stop they jump off their bike and complete an obstacle course,” says Cutler. “The whole race is based on the premise that everybody can use their bikes to get around town.”

350 racers have already signed up. It’s open to anyone willing to toss down $60. Register here. Then fill the iPod with Banhart’s under-rated Thunder Canyon album and pray you run into a Natalie Portman look alike at the after-party.

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