Undecided? Take the CosmoGirl! Quiz

Still undecided on which presidential candidate is right for you? Though it may be months away, it’s never too early to start your research. That’s why I turn to CosmoGirl!, the leading source in political coverage.

Not that enthusiastic about researching? Then skip right to the quiz. That’s right, the makers of "Are You Superstitious?" and "What Sandwich are You?" (I’m a grilled panini) have created a "Who Should I Vote For?" quiz, meaning you are just six questions away from knowing which candidate you can commit to. A sample question: "What is most important to you: Getting national health care, ending the war in Iraq, cutting federal taxes, defending the United States against terrorism." Think hard and choose wisely--you can only click one answer! Once you’re done you can go back to filling out memes on MySpace knowing you're up on the issues. Click here to meet your dream candidate!

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