Twins lose wrong coach

class=img_thumbleft>The dailies reported this morning that Twins third base coach and perennial fan favorite Al Newman is leaving the organization he's been with for 17 years to become.... a scout for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

On the long list of Minnesota sports coaches who should be fired, Newman came in somewhere in the neighborhood of dead last. To be fair, he wasn't exactly fired, but from the tone of the interviews he and Gardy gave, it wasn't exactly a congenial parting. What I don't get is why Newman didn't fish around for a better gig. There had been talk earlier in the year of him taking over the manager's spot in Kansas City; while he might not be managerial material just yet, he certainly deserves better than to shuttle around the Midwest hunting down minor league talent for a terrible team. On the bright side, rumor has it this might make room for Paul Molitor to play a larger role on the bench.

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